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Report Timesaver Appraisal Comments

Terms and Conditions of Use

This page describes the terms and conditions of use of our Report Timesaver Appraisal Comments™ appraisal writing system.


Report Timesaver Appraisal Comments™ is an internet based system designed to help you write appraisal comments for:

  • your own employee appraisal;
  • the employee appraisal forms of your subordinate staff if you are a manager;

Report Timesaver Appraisal Comments™ (the System) uses sophisticated software and several comment databases to help you produce paragraphs of appraisal comments specifically tailored to the people you have to write a appraisals for.  The System is used solely via your web browser and without you needing to download and install any software.

Individual database comments are actually single sentences.  These individual comments are combined in various ways to produce a paragraph of appraisal comments.  Each comment is automatically tailored to a person's gender, and many comments are personalised by using a person's name.



In order to use the System you must purchase a membership via our online shop.  You will receive an unique membership code that will enable you to access your account on the System.

The cost of the membership covers your use of our appraisal writing system.  You are not purchasing individual comment databases, and a membership does not entitle you to a copy of or to copy any of our databases.

Each membership has maximum usage limits applied to it.  One appraisal credit allows you to produce one paragraph of appraisal comments for one person.  The number of appraisal credits assigned to each membership is usually more than sufficient for you to use the System effectively over the membership time period.  We also allocate a number of extra appraisal credits in order that you can practice using the System before you start writing your appraisals.

The maximum usage limits for each membership are as follows:

  • Personal Membership (3 month) - maximum 3 months' use, 35 appraisal credits + 5 extra appraisal credits.
  • Managerial Membership (6 month) - maximum 6 months' use, 100 appraisal credits + 10 extra appraisal credits.
  • Managerial Membership (1 year) - maximum 12 months' use, 200 appraisal credits + 20 extra appraisal credits.

We endeavour to set the appraisal credit limits high enough to allow you to use the System normally, but low enough to prevent abuse of the System, e.g. illegal attempts to copy the comment databases.

Unused appraisal credits are lost when your membership time period elapses.

Comment Databases

The comments available to help personal and managerial members are written either by or on behalf of ourselves.  We endeavour to ensure that the individual comments available in the databases are appropriate for the category they are contained in and are of a suitable professional standard.  We retain the copyright to the individual comments.

What You May Do

You may use the System to:

  • Help you write appraisal comments for either yourself or those people who work for you.
  • Store your finished appraisal comments for each person on the System if required.
  • Add your own individual comments to your private area of the database.  Any individual comments you add are private by default and cannot be seen by other users1.
  • Define your own Comment Categories for your own use1.
  • Print out your finished appraisal comments.
  • Copy and paste finished appraisal comments for a person into their appraisal form.

1These features are not available with a Personal Membership.

What You Cannot Do

You must not:

  • Attempt to copy, reproduce or use the individual comments contained in the databases for any other purpose that defined above.
  • Share your membership with any other individual or organisation.
  • Disclose your membership code to any person or third party.
  • Write appraisal comments which contain racist, indecent, violent or otherwise offensive words or language.

Membership Termination

An individual membership will terminate when one of the following occurs:

  • The maximum time period specified for your membership has elapsed.
  • You have used up all of the appraisal credits allotted to your membership.
  • It comes to our notice you have written comments containing offensive words or language.
  • You do something previously described as being prohibited.


Our standard refund policy applies to all memberships.


Our standard Privacy Policy applies to your use of Appraisal Comments but with the following additions:

Information collected and its use by us

All of your interactions with Appraisal Comments are recorded in our web servers log files.  This information is used to help answer any support requests from users and to detect misuse of our system, it will not be disclosed to third parties.

The privacy of your appraisal comments

Your completed appraisal comments are private and confidential and are accessible by you only.  No other users are able to see them.

Individual comment sentences you add to your private area of the comment database cannot be seen by other users .